CAGWAIT – Barangays Tubo-tubo, Bitaugan, Aras-asan, and Unidad in the Municipality of Cagwait are barangays adjacently connected to each other. The size of these barangays when it emerged can create a large size of area that can be potentially good for business. For now, small-medium enterprise is what has been encouraged by the government to those who want to avail and start their own business. Here are some possible reasons why these neighbouring barangays can be potentially good for business.

This project could help raise tradings in the entire town of Cagwait and since this is located connected between Brgy. Bitaugan and Unidad in which Unidad is also adjacent to Brgy. Aras-asan which known to be the center trade barangay of the town. If someday or soon trading will be boosted in these municipality, neighbouring barangays will positively acquire good business trading conditions.


This small island is known to be the fishing-dock hub wherein people in this community the majority is engaged into livelihood thru fishing. The island is abundantly surrounded with fresh fishes, seaweeds, fresh crabs, and more. For beach goers, the island is also perfect to visit for swimming where cottages are available. Few meters across from this island are the mangroves perfect to explore by boating. Puro or Aranggasa which belongs to Brgy. Aras-asan can be potentially an ecotourism destination in the Municipality of Cagwait.


TAU (Tubo-tubo Aras-asan Unidad) river that is visibly seen in google map which connects these three barangays can be also a potential for ecotourism soon or in the near future. This river measures its length from Unidad & Aras-asan bridge going to Tubo-tubo. Though it is not as wide as Lobok river in Bohol and floating market in Thailand, this river could give means to the community to serve as alternative route for those who wish and like to go a boat-ride and experience the calmness of its surroundings while passing on areas with nipas(palms). This river can be an ecotourism as well if it deems to be developed.

This area has a large size that could accommodate a certain business/commercial establishments, or even diverted to amusement park, zoo, museum, sports complex or other business hubs, if and only if, there are investors that will likely negotiate to the property owner. What makes this area interesting for business is that, the hills and the sea will captivates the people to visit if it is fully developed. In this area, you can put long range zipline from the hills down near to the seashore. Even a floating restaurant or just simply called carenderia can make something different to food-stuff place that will probably invites people to try this experience. And a lot more can be developed in this wide area.

In this possibilities, these baranggays shortly called TUBIARUN will primarily benefit all developments and progress if all these will be truly realized. Due to area congestions in Brgy. Aras-asan, business venturers can extend to put their business locations in Brgy. Tubo-tubo, Brgy. Unidad to Brgy. Bitaugan.

Others would might think how come Brgy. Bitaugan will be included in this possibilities. Why not? Brgy. Bitaugan is situated nearly in the coastline while Aras-asan port is just few meters away from this barangay. Trading stores, entertainment, bars, restaurant, island boat hopping and more are the potential business that possibly will rise in this place. If you will truly discover what’s in Brgy. Bitaugan, you will surely amaze that beaches situated here is also awesome as surrounded of white sand. Coral reefs and limestones can also be explored here.

Another possibilities is to have baywalk boulevard that will connect from Brgy. Bitaugan to Brgy. Lactudan as these barangays were located along the coastline area of Cagwait. If someday this will be realized, it is no longer a hassle to reach to Cagwait beach passing thru this baywalk boulevard than using the national highway by pedicabs, tricycles, or single motorcycles that are less safe and prone to accident areas.

Maybe most of you will ask probably, are these plans and possibilities are possible? YES it is. Why not? We are for pro-progress, this might be realized years from now or even lesser, as long that the power of positivity is within us, all of these will be realized. These will not be possible without the major support of Cagwaitnons. Let us just be positive and help promote our tourism industry that possibly will open doors to investors and other business venturers to which these could alleviate the economic status of this town and generate more jobs to our fellow Cagwaitnons.

Photo credits to: Joseph Gumia, Asterio Ugat Jr., Panoramio, Almer Casio