CARAGA – The municipality of Cagwait received recognition from Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) in 2016 Caraga Local Government Unit (LGU) Awardees as 41st placer in over-all ranking out of 755 LGUs from rank 101 in 2015.

Out of 755 LGUs in 3rd to 6th class municipalities, Cagwait ranked in 14th place in Government Efficiency while put on 3rd spot as Most Improved Ranking LGU among Caraga’s 3rd-6th class municipalities.

This is a great milestone for Cagwait thru the effort of municipal officials headed by Hon. Mayor Lillian Lozada and the support of Cagwaitnons.

Cagwait is now a ”CAGWAIT” where progress is felt and seen bigger to better that every local should be proud of. Thru some beneficial programs that local government is pushing through, there is no reason that Cagwait will be ready to take-off and soon more investors will eager to invest and more opportunities will open doors to create more jobs.

Photo credits to Mayor Lillian Lozada FB Page